ShareControl Document

– the meeting place for the small business owner’s documentation

ShareControl Document facilitates your work with accounting and document management and allows small businesses to focus on business, deliveries and satisfied customers. Here, your company gets easy help with everything from information sharing of financial information to good foresight with tax payments.

  • Simplified information sharing with auditor
  • Financial calendar with dates for public deadlines – for example payment of employer contributions
  • Information structure for good financial reporting
  • Easy installation and file search plus secure storage and user management in Microsoft 365



Microsoft 365 add-ins and ShareControl Document – that is how it works

ShareControl Document is an add-in to Microsoft 365. Simply put, it is like an app that is added on top of the Microsoft 365 subscription that you already have. This means that all data is stored at Microsoft and their storage solution SharePoint.

  • Full control of is data stored in Microsoft 365
  • You own all rights and have full ownership of the data stored

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