Selected features


The folders in Share Control are made up of predetermined metadata that is easily adapted for the individual business. Metadata makes it easy to filter and sort folders. The filtering function is similar like that found in Excel.

Common metadata for all accounting periods includes companies, period, and year. Furthermore, the directories are equipped with specific metadata depending on the area. For example, the contract archive has metadata for, among other things, contract type, contract period and regulation time. It is easy to create new directories using existing metadata from other directories, but also to add new metadata.

Improved internal control

Closed folders can be locked for editing. For example, the business can rely on the previous annual report contained in, for example, Excel, being the same that was approved and adopted by the Board.

Own guidelines

Here you can post your own guidelines so that they are easily accessible to the users. For example, links to the accounting manual, personnel manual, or financial manual. It is also possible to insert links to accounting systems, billing systems or reference work at relevant workplaces.

Technology and interface

Share Control is a SharePoint solution with ready-made features delivered as an app. The app is used in the browser on your computer, phone or tablet. Internet Explorer 9 or later, Edge, Chrome 30, Firefox 24, Safari 7 or Opera 22 is required to use Share Control.

Financial Calendar

Share Control gives you an overview of current deadlines from the tax authorities. This can be combined with the company’s own financial calendar. Relevant internal dates may be deadlines for monthly reporting, time for board meetings, deadlines for sending out board documents and other important dates.

Assignment of data

The different folders can be assigned tasks. The folders are then marked with the status of the task.

Sharing documents

Directories and other folders can be shared with accountants, board members and others outside the organisation. These will then only have access to read the files, without any additional licensing costs for the business. Accountants can access Share Control through their own portal where the company can place their attachments.

Accountant lookup

Collecting, categorising, and sending documentation to the accountant takes time. The accountant lookup makes it possible to share documents with the company’s accountant by providing access to Share Control and by organising the documents according to the accountant’s requirements (a so called PBC list). The relevant documents are indexed with a PBC reference (a stamp/mark) and the accountant can access them through a separate portal. This is a feature that facilitates document sharing and saves you time.