ShareControl Finance

ShareControl Finance is a corporate finance department website. The purpose is to streamline work processes, create better interaction and good internal control with the company’s working documents and reports.

Function for task management with deadlines allows for a good process for employees and managers for treatment and control of all tasks in period end.

The Prepared-by-Client (PBC) list of the company’s auditor can be incorporated so that it is easy for the auditor to find the documentation and status of the auditor. The documentation is filed with the company.

In the solution you organize all the documentation that is important for the department to keep track of. It is easy to reuse and share the documents with colleagues, accountant and accountant in a controlled and structured way.

ShareControl Controller is a website for financial and profit managers in a business. The purpose is to make the process more efficient by following up on results and budgeting.

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Office 365


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ShareControl Finance for Office 365:
  • Get control of shared documents with a flexible but predefined folder structure, using retrieval metadata.
  • Task management with deadlines so that all employees have an overview of the tasks in the period end.
  • Leader approves tasks. This documents internal control during financial reporting.
  • Task management allows you to copy tasks, folders, and files from one period to another in one operation. Streamline work.
  • Financial calendar of public deadlines with the possibility of entering own dates.
  • Access to Knowledge Lookup with relevant laws, regulations and current rates.
  • Possibility to link internal guidelines such as. Finance manual, Proxy matrices, Budget guide, and web pages you use in daily work, etc.
  • Our audit report, which shows the status of the preparation of documentation, and streamlines the work with the auditor.
  • The audited companies' Prepared-by-Client (PBC) list is incorporated so that it is easy for the auditor to find the documentation and status of it.
  • Knowledge lookup with eIFRS links.
  • Document version log lets you retrieve older versions.
  • Write protection of final documentation.
  • Easy file search via Office 365 search engine and Delve.
  • Secure synchronization of documents via OneDrive and OneDrive for Business.
  • iPad use with options to mark and write on documents.
  • Word Online also allows you to easily translate documents into other languages.
ShareControl Controller:
  •  Provides an overview of deadlines for reporting, planning processes and other activities throughout the year in connection with the financial management of the company.
  • Ensures the use of the latest version of documents and efficiently utilizes in budget processes and in performance meetings with result managers.