Below is an overview of the difference in the different products.

Business portal

ShareControl Basic

Finance portal

ShareControl Finance

Contract portal

ShareControl Contract

Board portal

ShareControl Board

Distinct libraries

More in-depth and complete, more metadata and libraries that can be used.

Company internal guidelines

The company can add its own links to external and internal resources.

Corporate internal calendar

The company can connect Outlook to a shared calendar that also appears in the app.

Electronic signature (DocuSign)

It is possible to subscribe and install DocuSign in the same area as the app to access DocuSign features to easily sign documents.

Accounting documents

A library where the accountant can easily look up and find accounting records.

Auditor lookup (PBC list)

All folders receive a PBC tag which can be used to make the annual accounts easier for the auditor. It saves time by avoiding emailing or searching folders and provides document version control.

Task Management

Allows the administration to easily copy past tasks and reuse them in the next period

Documentation internal-control

Takes an overview of who has performed and who has approved assignments for periods. Provides documentation of internal control over financial reporting.

Excel Templates

Reconciliations, specifications, salaries and value added tax in excel with extended functions such as direct update to balance list, copy from period to period in the same spreadsheet, change of language.

Knowledge Lookup

Gives users access to relevant laws and regulations.


Expands the knowledge spread with links to eIFRS.

“Aktuelle Satser”

Easy access to news and relevante information from the Revisorforeningen, right into the app.

Tax Calendar

Public deadlines appear in the calendar in the app.

Contract Calendar

Important contracts entered into the calendar also appear in the calendar that users can synchronize with their Outlook.

Board Calendar

Important meetings entered in the calendar also appear in the calendar that users can synchronize with their Outlook.

Contract Details

The front page creates a clear table of all contracts that have not been regulated in time, or contracts where the regulation date is approaching.

Meeting Overview

The front page creates a clear table of recent meetings, and future meetings that are not held.