ShareControl IFRS 16

– get an overview and efficient calculation of their leases

Create control, overview and efficient handling of all leasing agreements – from leases for offices to leasing of company cars. The software retrieves key data from all contracts and performs calculations in accordance with the IFRS 16 standard.

  • Easy administration and control of the company’s leases and IFRS 16 obligations
  • Reminder of renewals, index adjustments, options, etc.
  • Complete calculation of all IFRS 16 captions
  • Includes note information, change log and reconciliations
  • Automatic update of foreign currencies for contracts in a different currency than the  functional  currency of the entity and translation  of foreign entities.
  • Integration with accounting and consolidation system (supplementary product)
  • Automatic indexation for customers with many leases
  • Business combination functionality
  • Possibility of calculating daily rates
  • Automatic audit trail, easy to audit
  • Integrations with BI systems to create dashboards
  • Easy installation and file search plus secure storage and user management in Microsoft 365


ShareControl IFRS 16 Pro – for additional support to your business

  • Automatic update of indexation for customers with many leases
  • Power BI solution – analyzes and reports and simplified access to contracts, metadata and calculations
  • Budget and forecast
  • Disclosure of right of use asset (accumulated cost and accumulated depreciation and write-downs)
  • Registration of leases as lessor or sub lease

ShareControl IFRS 16 Car lease – for you with fleet agreements from rental companies for cars as well as machines

  • Automatic integration with the car-lease company
  • Facilitates management of underlying assets and terminations of these
  • Changes in the agreements are handled and reported automatically
  • Overall review of all car leasing agreements

Microsoft 365 add-ins och ShareControl IFRS 16 – that is how it works

ShareControl IFRS 16 is an add-in to Microsoft 365. Simply put, it is like an app that is added on top of the Microsoft 365 subscription that you already have. This means that all data is stored at Microsoft and their storage solution SharePoint.

  • Full control of is data stored in Microsoft 365
  • You own all rights and have full ownership of the data stored

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