IFRS 16 and Corona pandemic – how to record changes in rent payments

IFRS 16 and Corona pandemic – how to record changes in rent payments

The corona pandemic involves rent concessions such as rent holidays, rent reductions and changes in rental agreements
Serge Fjærvoll, partner in KPMG Norway and our CEO Terje Glesaaen in Share Control explains the covid-19 changes in IFRS 16 and demonstrates how the changes are recorded in Share Control Contract & IFRS 16.


Welcome to the webinar

  • Introduction
  • Accounting of
    o Rent holidays and temporary rent reductions Amendment of IFRS 16
    o Government grants
    o Other changes to leases
    o Terminations
    o Impairment of ROU asset
  • Questions and answers

Serge Fjærvoll, State Authorized Public Accountant, partner at KPMG
Terje Glesaaen, State Authorized Public Accountant, CEO at Share Control


The webinar is held on three occasions. Choose the day that suits you:

Date: June 16 and 23 or August 25.
Time: at 10 00 to 11.00, CEST time


Moderator – Caroline Waters, Sales at Share Control

Registration: Click her


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The team at Share Control

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