Focus on the right things in the year end close

Now you can see the recorded webinar with Share Control and KPMG which was held in December and January. The topic of the webinar was to focus on the right things before the year end close 2020. For those of you who missed the opportunity to participate at the webinar, a new chance is now given to take part of the material.

The webinar covered the latest news about IFRS 16 as well as advice on how to work with Share Control IFRS 16 and Share Control Contract to meet requirements and prepare for the financial statements in the best way. Participating were Terje Gleasaaen, state authorized public accountant and CEO of Share Control and Serge Fjærvoll, state authorized public accountant and partner at KPMG.

  • IFRS 16: What is new – Serge Fjærvoll, Partner, KPMG
  • Using Share Control – Terje Glesaaen, CEO, Share Control AS
    • New contracts and changes to the lease
    • How to record changes
    • What is new in the 2020 version
    • Currency
    • Correction of errors from previous periods
  • Power Automate
  • Power BI
  • Accounting integration
  • Questions and answers


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