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Here you will find solutions for the challenges within contract, agreement and document management that your company faces. Software – comes as Add-ins in Microsoft 365 which is ready for installation and can be used in a short time.

How do all leasing and leasing agreements affect your balance sheet – and how do you calculate IFRS 16 liabilities according to constant changes in your car leasing agreement? ShareControl IFRS 16 effectively handles all leasing agreements in accordance with the IFRS 16 rules.

ShareControl IFRS 16

Agreements that are automatically renewed and contracts that expire without you having made a real assessment, cost the company a lot of money. With ShareControl Contract, your company has control and overview of all contracts and agreements.

ShareControl Contract

What was discussed at the previous board meeting and what does the company’s financial situation look like? The ShareControl Board keeps board members and management up to date. With ShareControl Board, you establish effective board meetings and protect sensitive information.

ShareControl Board

Monthly accounts and quarterly reporting must be done on time – and involve the entire finance department. With ShareControl Finance, you streamline your work and have easy access to the necessary documentation.

ShareControl Finance

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IFRS 16 and Corona pandemic – how to record changes in rent payments

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IFRS 16 and Corona pandemic – how to record changes in rent payments The corona pandemic involves rent concessions such as rent holidays, rent reductions and changes in rental agreements Serge Fjærvoll, partner in KPMG Norway and our CEO Terje Glesaaen in Share Control explains the covid-19 changes in IFRS 16 and demonstrates how the […]

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What is a lease agreement

IFRS 16 what is a lease

Written by Ellinor

What is a lease. How should this be defined for IFRS 16 Leasing? IFRS 16, what is a lease? According to the standard, the definition is ‘An agreement, or part of an agreement, which will transfer the right of use for an asset (the underlying asset) for a certain period of time in exchange for […]

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